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Are you being threatened?

Posted by colin andrew on Saturday, March 17, 2012, In : business articles 

If you were choking, would you prefer someone go and learn a first-aid, and then come back and help you? Or would you prefer they had already learnt first-aid and could take immediate action to help you?

The answer is pretty simple, isn’t it?

How about if your business was going through trouble? Like when the GFC hit…or your marketing strategy stopped working… or a competitor moved next door? “Surprises” like this happen all the time in small business, don’t they?

They are known...

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Business Health Check

Posted by colin andrew on Tuesday, February 21, 2012, In : business articles 

It’s amazing what you can learn about business from the most unlikely of sources.

In early October had the unfortunate experience of having to spend 5 days in hospital with my 8 year old daughter Olivia; she’s fine now with no lasting effects thanks to the wonderful staff at Monash.

While I was there with her she asked the nurse a very innocent question that gave me such an insight into the way we run our businesses.

My daughter asked the nurse “why do you come around every 2 hours a...

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